Bluetooth Headband (Unisex)
Bluetooth Headband (Unisex)
Bluetooth Headband (Unisex)
Bluetooth Headband (Unisex)

Bluetooth Headband (Unisex)

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Perfect for a run or heading to the gym. Leave the cords, and hassles behind. The new trend is wearable tech, and these headbands combine comfort with this convenience.

With low-profile ear buds permeating the market, and wearable tech covering every other part of your body, you might think “why do we need Bluetooth-connected headgear?” The use case is actually a little more specific than that. Many Bluetooth earbuds use a silicone-tipped, in-ear design, which will press further into your ear when you put a beanie over them. For many users, this can feel uncomfortable, so using a headband with small speakers built directly in can alleviate that.

The other factor to consider is convenience. Having a headband with built-in music-playing capabilities means you just need to toss a headband on your head when leaving your house—no need to fumble with additional devices. 

100% acrylic
Adult size
Spot clean
Compatible with any bluetooth device
Bluetooth Standard
Bluetooth V5.0
Transmission Distance
Bluetooth Searching name
Battery Type
180mA Lithium Battery
Standby Time
18 hours
Play time
3-6 hours
USB Charging Time
2 hours
Volume Control
Waterproof Standard
Active Noise-Cancellation